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This is one of the world?s best super foods! This is one of the worlds best super foods! It is a simple black small in size seed that has no taste or aroma.

Don?t let the size of the seeds fool you though, as they are power packed with nutrients!Health Benefits of Chia Seeds:

?  Good for Arthritis

?  High in Antioxidants

?  Gluten Free

?  Prevents Cancer

?  Assist in Weight Loss

?  Cleanses the Colon

?  Reduces Inflammation

?  Strengthens Immune System

?  Regularizes Blood Sugar Levels

?  Promotes healthy skins, nails and hair

?  Excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids

?  Good source of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium 

How to Use:Sprinkle a teaspoon on salads, soups, porridge, juices, smoothies. You can also mix with your bread spreads and make very delicious desserts.

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