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Nutritional Benefits of Baobab Fruit Powder

1.     Vitamin C ? (6 times more than oranges) boosts immunity, skin health, promotes weight loss and iron absorption

2.     Calcium ? (gram for gram, 4 times more calcium than milk) helps with strong, healthy bones and teeth 3.     Antioxidant properties ? prevention of cancer

4.     Fiber ? (composed of 50% total fiber, of which 75% is soluble fiber) promotes healthy digestive system, regulates blood sugar

5.     Magnesium ? helps with energy metabolism, muscle function and bone and tooth structure

6.     Potassium ? (more than the amount in bananas) maintaining normal blood pressure, transmitting nerve signals, controlling muscle contraction and maintaining healthy bones.

Baobab fruit powder acts as a natural remedy for;Diabetes (Type 2), Varicose veins, Arthritis pain, Nerve pains, High blood pressure, Stomach ulcers, Indigestion, Cholesterol, Weight loss, Anti-aging among others

Baobab fruit powder is best used as an;

1.     Instant drink - add to water and if preferable honey to taste

2.     Additive to - porridge, cereals, juices, milk shakes, yoghurt, black tea and smoothies  Baobab Fruit

Powder is recommended for;

1.     Breastfeeding/lactating mothers to increase milk production and calcium supplement

2.     Children to promote healthy bones and boost immunity

3.     Invalids and those with suppressed immunity

4.     The whole family due to the numerous nutritional benefits

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