Bamboo Charcoal (Activated)

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Our charcoal comes from burning organically grown bamboo. It is ACTIVATED to make it more porous increasing its surface area in a way that allows more substances to bind to it.

Efficacy: Prevents the gut from absorbing poison. Doctors sometimes use activated charcoal if people have ingested certain poisons. The charcoal binds to the poison in the upper digestive tract, preventing the gut from absorbing it.

Note: If a person ingests the specific toxins that bind to charcoal, they must receive activated charcoal treatment within 1 hour for it to work after which, the substance/toxin will have left the stomach, and the treatment will be ineffective. Use cautiously as first aid tool in case of emergencies or before a doctor can be reached.

Water purification: Removes heavy metals, such as lead, nickel, and chromium, can be harmful to humans, even in very small amounts.

Activated charcoal can remove some toxins from the air such as those from paints, adhesives and plastics. A spoonful or two in a pouch is the refrigerator will remove odors keeping contents fresh.

Face mask or body scrub: Mix in water or plain yoghurt for a gentle face scrub once to thrice weekly (males included). Recommended for oily skin.

Teeth whitening: Incorporate in teeth brushing or oil pulling to remove stubborn stains and maintain fresh breath.

Caution: Fine black powder and do not inhale. May stain surfaces but easy to clean.

Good upto 24months after opening.

Product of Kenya.

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